Amr Diab - ” El Leila ” 2013 - COMING SOON !!!!

Helllllo my lovelies!!

How has everyone been? 

I know that we haven’t been blogging for a while and we promised to come back to you… and when I do come back I generally like to do this right :p … therefore, when I do come back, I bring with me news about what can easily be labelled as the most anticipated Arabic music album of 2013 ! The album of the one and only Amr Diab!

Amr Diab has been working on this album for quite a bit now and him as well as his record label, Rotana have kept an extremely silent work flow throughout the year. Apart from the public issues that he had with some of his long time collaborators, which confirmed that they won’t be in the album, not much more has been said about the style, the feel or the sound or the contributors of the album!

Yesterday, Amr’s official facebook page, has updated the cover photo to the one I included above, to confirm that the album will definitely be called ” El Leila” (tonight).

This was then followed, by an extremely short, almost completely silent and rather intriguing video on Amr’s official youtube channel which I included below!

Will the album drop in the next few days fulfilling its promised Eid release date?

Will we hear a little more or at least a teaser before the release?

WIll it leak online as usual?

No one has a clue…but we are all excited to the max!