Shubbak Festival London Present : HAFLA ON THE SQUARE

Most of our loyal fans and friends who have been following Funky Pharaoh Music from day ONE, remember that our official launch came in the style of a random, London-based street party where we gathered in the middle of the constantly busy Edgware road, randomly DJ’d the best of our [Electro.Arabian.House] mixes for one hour and then disappeared. The first street party we did was so popular and caused such a stir that you all kindly asked us to come back and we did a few weeks later. These two events will always remain in our memories and the memories of many of you who attended and those who were not able to make it.

A couple of years on and guess what??? We are officially back on the street but this time in a bigger, louder, thumpier and more organised manner!

London’s popular Shubbak Festival is officially set to make a return this year to get our beloved capital buzzing with various artistic and musical activities to raise awareness of the beautiful Middle Eastern culture.

The launch weekend of the festival is now going to be in the form of a TWO-DAY street banonza in Lyic Square, Hammersmith, dubbed “Hafla On The Square” (Hafla: Party in Arabic), in association with our amazing friends at Arts Canteen in London.

As a lead act on the music stage that weekend, DJ Funky Pharaoh and the FP family will be spinning four mini sets.

Saturday 22nd.June.2013: an introduction to[Electro.Arabian.House]

 Come and watch Funky does one of his magical mashup sets where he will be mixing and remixing (live on stage) the best of modern and classic Arabic hits with the best of the Electro and Urban world. Check out how The melodies of Arabia will be presented to you in a way that you have never heard them before and get to know why our fans from Brazil to the USA to Japan have fallen in love with his vision of Arabic music and looked beyond the language barriers.

Performance Times  - 1:15pm and 3:15pm

Sunday 23rd.June.2013 : A Journey Through the Rhythms of Arabia

Come and enjoy a more traditional set from DJ Funky Pharaoh where over the course of two 30 minute sets, he will be taking you on a wild journey through the sounds and rhythms of Arabia. Enjoy a collection of Egyptian, Khaleeji, Lebanese and Rai hits mixed in together to give you an insight of the rich musical heritage found in the Arab land with its unique regions.

Performance Times  - 1:15pm and 3:15pm


All the details are on the flyer pictured above!

Make sure you pop in and say hi to us. Grab you free copy of “The Pharaohmatik Theory 2” and some Funky Pharaoh Stickers while you here too! See you all then isA ;) xx