Funky Pharaoh Music Presents : LUV HALIM-A-FIED

Today is the 13th of February… I know this very well. But there’s some sort of occasion… some sort of event tomorrow that we really really can’t ignore! what is it again?! OOOOH yes! Its Valentine’s day!!!! :D

Yes! I can see the eyes of some of your rolling with anger, boredom or disinterest! “It’s a commercialised celebration” some will say …. “I don’t need a a day to remind her/him that I love them” other would scream at me when reading this! HOWEVER, Teddy bears, genetically modified roses and red cards aside, this occasion in its essence is another beautiful day to show love! Not just to a loved one! It could be to your loved one, your family, your country, your belief, something you love and cherish and a lot more!

We do however focus our music in this lovely day on things to do with romantic relationships and this year we went for a completely crazy twist!

Anyone who is Arabic, knows Arabs, appreciates Arabic culture or even visited an Arabic country will understand how emotional we are! They would also understand that the biggest icon of Arabic romance and love EVER is the genius Egyptian singer, Abdel Halim Hafez!!! One of the icons of classical Arabic music….

Classical did he say?! How does this relate to the constantly Electrofied Funkyfied world of DJ Funky Pharaoh and Funky Pharaoh Music?! Well…here’s the challenge! This release which is titled LUV HALIM-A-FIED consists of TWO tracks!

1. LUV HALIM-A-FIED [Classic Mix] : A selection of some of the most beautiful and romantic Abdel Halim Hafez love verses put together in a really really emotional medley (Remember, here there is NO remixing involved!! It’s all about the music selection and the words and melodies)

2. Ala Ad EL Sho’ [Funky Pharaoh DUBSOUL Remix] : Here things get a little interesting and very edgy / dangerous! This particular song is not just an icon from Abdel Halim’s catalogue but an icon for Romantic Arabic music in general… So what happens when we add a LITTLE dubstep, a little glitch, a little electro and completely chop it up??!

Let’s wait and see!

One important thing to mention however, As this Valentine’s is following just before a weekend… and as majority of you may be waiting for Friday or Saturday to celebrate….and in true Funky Pharaoh crazy manner! I shall NOT announce a release date yet lol it could drop on the 14th, 15th or 16th ;)

Now go buy some flowers, a present, some lovely food and get ready to enjoy Valentine’s with a loved one this weekend!

P.S. DON’T forget your Abdel Halim CD’s ;)