Happy New Year - We’re Officially Back!!!!

Our dearest friends and listeners,

Firstly, We would like to wish you a very very Happy new year! Hopefully the festive season is now officially over and you are ready with your resolutions to get and keep happy and healthy and fit and fabolous and all the rest of it… lol

I know that we have disappeared slightly in the last month of 2012 but this is for two valid reasons! Firstly because the political and cultural situation in our beloved homeland of Egypt did not allow us to constantly release stuff as we did not feel it was right to do so…and secondly because we used that time to cook up some of the best mixes, remixes and gigs coming up for your pleasure in 2013 inshallah :D

We will be changing our site slightly in 2013 where the tumblr will be a separate informal blog to keep in touch with you through longer rants and chats than we can fit on twitter :p and the site will have all the usual professional stuff lol

Meanwhile… lets reconnect back here ;)

We are uploading our latest mix on soundcloud as we speak… the first of 2013!!!

Get ready to enjoy it shortly as there’s a lot more coming :D

Love you all :D xx

The Funky Pharaoh Family