Funky Pharaoh Music Presents - MISSION IMPOSSIBLE : HAMAKI Vs EDM ( THE MIX )

The announcement of Hamaki’s brand new album in the last week of Ramadan has sent waves of happiness and excitement across the whole world! His fans were super happy! and even the delay of the album slightly did not faze them!

But while we all await the release of this amazing record, we decided to gift our fans with a beautiful present on the first day of Eid!

A video that we prepared to celebrate Hamaki’s career…

10 songs over the course of five minutes remixing the best of Hamaki’s music into various genres of Electro music… From House to Tribal House to ELectro, Dubstep, Moombahcore and more…

The name of the video -

Mission Impossible : HAMAKI Vs EDM

The feedback for the video was amazing to the level that it was featured on Hamaki’s official site! Click HERE to see the article :D

Now and due to popular demand, we would gladly like to announce that we will also be release the mix as audio through our soundcloud site tomorrow :D

Stay with us as we officially drop it on the site :D meanwhile… enjoy the video here :D

NOTE: This video does not include ANY music from Hamaki’s new album “Min Abi Bahganni” - Watch the album promo here and follow Hamaki’s updates on twitter ( @Hamaki ) and his facebook.