Nancy Ajram ” N7 ” - Brand New Album 2010 : Pre-Release Review

Nancy Ajram can only be described as the butterfly of current pop music…

There’s something extremely sweet, passionate and delicate about this young star. She had managed to sweetly and slowly enter our hearts and stay there in such a way that it is almost impossible for us to believe that her career is now SEVEN albums deep…which obviously explains why she named this album, “N7”.

The album is actually set to release on Monday, 6th.September.2010 but unfortunately was leaked online a few days ago….I was actually given a high quality version to review so this opinion is built upon a good listen lol

 Nancy has been hiding from us for two years now but she has certainly been working hard…which simply explains why she had returned with a monstrous album containing 16 tracks!!! The good news is though the album delivers well on quality as well as quantity…Nancy has delivered a very wide range of songs, from her signature Egyptian Maa’soum style, to traditional Lebanese, to pop, funky house, disco and khaliji…

Producers wise, Nancy had obviously collaborated with her usual go-to guys, the Egyptian Monster Tarek Madkour and Lebanese Hadi Sharara….but she has also approached a couple of the new star producers such as Tamim and our Funky Pharaoh favorite Tooma…She had also repeated her collaboration with young Egyptian producer Karim Abdel Wahab after their initial meet up in 2006.

The sad thing in my opinion is that Nancy’s favorite Tarek Madkour did not manage to give her the shinning track of the album like he did in the last three albums (Ah we Nos; Ya Tab Tab and Betfakar fi Aih)…But Tamim and Tooma had done amazing work alongside composers Mohamed Rahim and Walid Saad in the two amazing records “Einy Alaik” and “Eih Akbar Nafseyeto” respectively…Karim Abdel Wahab had also done a fantastic job, delivering a great Freemasons’ style Funky House record titled “Kol Ma Tiddi”

The Khaliji song on the album titled “Asaa’d Allah Masaak” was also a lovely song where Nancy sings with great vibes and sensual aura…

The Album overall is an absolute smash. It covers a wide range of styles which we always expect from Nancy and a few new ones too. In general, Nancy sounds perfect and her voice is in great shape throughout…

The only drawback is that the album is so long that it does feel like its slightly dragging on but overall, we are NOT complaining lol

Well done Nancy and keep doing those great things…


STAR PRODUCER OF THE ALBUM: Tamim  /  Tooma (Tie Breaker)

TRACKS TO CHECK: “Einy Aleik” ; “Eih Akhbar Nafseyyeto” ; “Ok” ; “Fi Hagat Tet’has” ; “As’aad Allah Masaak” ; “Hkayat El Deni”



And here’s our favorite three songs…

1. “Einy Aleik”…..

2. “Aih Akhbar Nafseyyeto”

3. “Ok”

What’s your thoughts on the album guys?